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" long"
Lindar Records - CD-LDR-277
Produced by; Lindsay Thomas Morgan

12 Selections - Playing Time 42:33)

It Doesn't Matter Anymore / Early Morning Rain / Mennonite Man / River Road / Waiting So Long / Harvest Moon / Farmer's Song / Four Strong Winds / Snowbird / Big Yellow Taxi / Song For The Mira / This Country

Lindsay Thomas Morgan, now based out of Holstein, Ontario, makes a return to the recording scene (he had several nationally charted hits in the 90's) with a really neat album...he pays homage to CANADIAN songwriters and their classic hits. Wow what a novel idea. Most times we're paying tribute to the Nashville stars.

Thanks to his smokey-throated vocal delivery, Lindsay Thomas Morgan makes this classic material sound 'fresh' all over again... he doesn't necessarily replicate the original versions, choosing more to apply his own unique feel for each.

The album opens with the Paul Anka- penned It Doesn't Matter Anymore (first made famous by Buddy Holly) and first heard by Morgan as a youngster growing up in Wales. The entry is significant in that when LTM arrived in Canada and pursued a music career here, his first manager was Andy Anka, father of Paul Anka. Likewise, other cuts here have similar significance to Morgan... like lan Tyson's Four Strong Winds, which was the first song Morgan performed here and continues to include in his repertoire today; and Snowbird, the Gene MacLellan-penned classic, is included because Morgan worked TV and Radio shows with the late Hall Of Famer.

Other interesting 'tribute' selections here include renditions of Murray McLauchlan's The Farmer's Song, Big Yellow Taxi, the Joni Mitchell pop fav; the Neil Young signature song Harvest Moon, Sylvia Tyson's River Road (this may be the first male recorded version of that classic); Gordon Lightfoot's Early Morning Rain (Morgan should consider a single release on this effort...his cut is extraordinary). Also featured is a version of Alister MacGillvray's Maritimes anthem, Song For The Mira; while the album's title track, Waiting So Long, comes from Ray Materick's 1975 Best Friend Overnight Lp.

Lindsay Thomas Morgan also includes two of his own songs on the updated version of Mennonite Man, which he first released in 1979; and the auto- biographical, patriotic song, This Country; a fitting closing selection on the album.

Waiting So Long was self-produced by Lindsay Thomas Morgan at his studios in Holstein, Ontario. He also performs all of the instrumentation, save for some session help from Craig Bignell (drums) and Andrew Afleck (bass) on the Mennonite Man song.


Lindsay Thomas Morgan Lindsay Thomas Morgan