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Lindsay Morgan offers up
songs to fit the season


"I love Christmas," explains Lindsay Morgan. "It's a wonderful, joyful holiday that encompasses everything." The same could easily be said for the Holstein-based singer songwriter's latest two musical compilations. Available just in time for Christmas, Mr. Morgan has released a pair of CDs, each reflecting its own distinct musical mood and ambiance. Recorded under his longtime stage name of Lindsay Thomas Morgan, "Songs for a Winter's Night" is aptly named; inviting listeners on a musical journey through 15 songs that are not so much Christmas carols as they are songs celebrating home and hearth, and the wonders of the holiday season. Titles such as "Home From the Forest" and "Marshmallow World" share the disc with timeless classics such as "White Christmas" and "I'll Be Home For Christmas".

winter's night
Morgan originals such as "Christmas On the Phone" and "Happy, Huggin' Lovin' Christmas" further add to the nostalgic feel of the CD. The artist switches gears with "Christmas is for Kids," offering 14 more lively and lighthearted recordings suitable for family listening; songs that capture the joy and exuberance that children bring to the holiday experience.With "Jingle Bells", "Winter Wonderland", "Silver Bells" and Buck Owens' jovial "Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy" filling the track list, the CD is a celebration of the fun and frolic of the season, and sure to be a hit with children of all ages. Finding time to relax and enjoy a hot cup of tea between one of his many live performances this holiday season, the talented musician told the Confederate he has wanted to record a Christmas CD for many years. The work began as far back as last Christmas, when Lindsay started recording some of the tracks that appear on this year's pair of albums. "It didn't start off as a double album, but it ended up as a kids' album and one that adults will enjoy too," he said. "It's been fun researching and recording these great old songs. It's not just a Christmas album." The initial rough mix of songs and music began last June, with the bulk of the recording taking place between July and October.
Mr. Morgan is joined by several old and new friends for this batch of recordings, with Dinah Christie stepping up for a duet "Baby It's Cold Outside" and his longtime collaborator Bob Doidge providing guitars and trumpet on three tracks.


Mr. Morgan once again drew on a wealth of local talent to help round out his songs, with Dianne Leith and Kit Patterson, and Mrs. Leith's youth 'choir, adding their talents to many of the songs. Bob Warren helped photograph and design the graphics for the "Kids" CD.

"Dianne Leith is a fabulous asset to the musical community in this area," said Mr. Morgan, "and Kit Patterson is such an excellent musician. They've been very supportive." The children's choir on "In the Eyes of, a Child" includes local talent Amy Krauter, Katie Vollett, Joy Leith, Lenny Leith, Sean Boxier, George Hodges, Jason Leith and Leanna Watson; while "Edelweiss" uses a Mount Forest District High School choir recorded in 1986. Other "Kids" vocals include Alexa Bye, Jodie Hooker, Amanda MacInnis, Melynda McKenzie, Chantel Moore, Jesse Morgan, Brooke North, Bryanna Walker, Kaitlyn Webber, Megan Wilton, and a solo from Evelyn Nanninga.

On stage, Lindsay Morgan has been in high demand over the holiday season and admits he has "been playing like crazy" in recent weeks. He has performing dates lined up right through to Christmas Eve, where he will once again take the stage at the Legion in Mount Forest. He said his annual gig at the Legion means "by hook or by crook, I'll be home for Christmas", and then its off again for a string of New Years Eve shows, plus a "Christmas in February" date in Stayner. "I'm working my tail off," he said. "I really enjoy playing the songs, and they're selling well." To find your own copy of Lindsay Morgan's latest CDs, visit Uptown Entertainment Centre in Mount Forest or the Holstein General Store, or contact Lindsay directly at 519-3349833 or